Helping Kids

Helping People

Our goal is simple, to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our volunteer teams of handlers and their dogs reach out to schools, hospitals, and other institutions, with the sole aim of bringing joy, and happiness to everyone. 

Community Service

Our Human Members

Our teams are purely voluntary, and none of our teams are paid, nor allowed to charge any fees. This allows us to provide our service for free, to all the facilities that we visit.

Our Furry Helpers

All our dogs are well behaved, polite and love to meet people. We accept all breeds, and all sizes, with up to date vaccination records and we require all our dog handler teams to have passed our Therapy Dog examination.

Community Service

Our Training Process

We work closely with Canine Point Academy to ensure that all our dog handler teams are well trained, and ready for the real life scenarios they are going to encounter whilst on duty. Once the teams have passed their exam, they can be registered for active duty as certified Therapy Dogs!

Community Service

how it works

Our goal with our Therapy Dogs, is to brighten up someones day, using the wonderful power of our canine companions. Therapy Dogs around the world have been used in a multitude of settings - from schools, to hospitals to retirement homes and more - all with a view to improving people lives.

Equally, its important for the establishments we visit with our dogs, to know that our Dog and Handler teams are specially trained and can act accordingly. 

As such, Therapy Dogs works in conjunction with Canine Point Academy here to ensure the highest level of training standards. All Dog Handler teams are assessed and tested using identical standards as denoted from Therapy Dogs International

Canine Point is also a registered and approved certification organisation of the AKC and therefore, once teams have passed their Therapy Dogs Test, they are eligible to apply for the 
AKC Therapy Dog Title

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